Go Go! DEVIL! (Go Go! 小惡魔!)

This is a Snake-like game, you manipulate the small devil to eat enough of the human soul, only to cross the border.

  Points of the game speed will become faster, but do not worry, the game provided some special props can be improved to reduce the difficulty of the game temporarily.

  If you have any questions, please email to me, have fun ~ :)

  Go Go! 小惡魔! (Go Go! DEVIL!) 是一個類似貪吃蛇的 Android 遊戲




  遊戲中有提供一些特殊道具  可以提高暫時降低遊戲的難度

  你可以上 google market 上搜詢下載遊玩。

2012/03/26 by cookie@TW