My Mud Game (我的 Mud 遊戲)

  This is a mud game of Android.
  You don't need connect to internet,you can play it in your phone.

  This game is like a homepage.You don't need enter any words,just use your hand to touch your screen and play it!!

  In this release,you can be a admin of the game,and you can written your game.And release your game to your friends.
  Have fun~

  我的 Mud 遊戲 (My Mud Game) 是 Android 版的單機 Mud 遊戲

  遊戲內容跟一般 Mud 一樣


  以類似網頁的方式 只需點擊文字即可遊玩

  正式版  開放玩家自製 Mud ,並且可以將做好的 Mud 分享給其他人遊玩的功能.

  你可以上 google market 上搜詢下載遊玩。

  所謂的 Mud 是 Multi-User Dungeon (多人網路地下城遊戲) 的縮寫




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